The 85 Tang Dynasty Series

THE 85 project has created two sets of 14 Tang Dynasty 85 prints. The medium is Xuan paper from Anhui province in China, hand made employing a method dating back to the Tang dynasty (618-907), and measuring 28” wide by 54” long. The surface is white and slightly translucent. Each sheet of Xuan paper was hand-fed through a commercial digital ink-jet printer to inscribe, in a large black rectangle, 85 equidistant white letters. These constitute an English translation of a Chinese poem of the Tang Dynasty. The original poem on which the radical translation is based appears in Chinese in a smaller black box resembling a seal below the English. The black rectangles in which the English letters appear evoke the stone on which were carved the great canonical poems of the Tang Dynasty, and later transferred to rubbings. The 85 English letters when read from top to bottom, and right to left — as in traditional Chinese — reveal the poem. 

Prints, numbered and signed, can be purchased for $250 plus GST and shipping and handling. Contact the 85 Project here.

The 85 Bada Shanren Series

THE 85 PROJECT has created two sets of 17 Bada Shanren 85s printed on Xuan paper. The paper was manufactured artisanally in Anhui province in China, and each sheet was hand fed through an inkjet printer. Each of these works measures 23” wide by 61” long. They are signed and numbered. The design of the Bada Shanren series differs from the highly contrasted and monumental look of the Tang Dynasty works by being lighter in shade, less symmetrical and more dynamic. The works based on Bada Shanren are individually designed to allude to a specific painting or calligraphy by the iconoclastic ink brush artist of the 17th century.

Prints, numbered and signed, can be purchased for $250. Contact the 85 Project here.