The 85 Book

Moveable Inc. (Toronto) and Les Figues Press (Los Angeles) have launched a limited edition of 200 sets of the “85” book. Each set consists of five stunning volumes that are simultaneously art objects, works of translation, and powerful pieces of visual poetry. Printed on Lynx Opaque acid-free paper with an accordion fold, each book is individually signed and numbered, and bound in hard covers with embossed and foil stamped titles. Complete sets come in a specially made, frosted case made of epoxy resin and designed by Nathan Tremblay.

The five books are based on the Song of Songs, a selection of Tang Dynasty poems, works by Xue Tao, a female poet of that same era, the ink brush painter Bada Shanren, and the quotations of Chairman Mao. 

Single books are priced at $50, complete sets (including the special dock) at $250 (not including shipping, and GST in Canada). Books can be ordered in Canada from this website, or from the USA via